Welcome to Alt World Studios

Welcome To Alt World Studios

Nick Davis working away at Alt World Studios

Welcome to Alt World Studios my creative online home. My name is Nick Davis, an Englishman living and working in Baltimore. When I am not working 9-5, I am an Indie Writer and Artist struggling to get my stories in front of your eyes.

This is the place to get the latest news about my extraordinary strange story telling of whimsical wonder of Teddy Bears battling the evil Boogeyman, to Once Upon A Time adventure that all spring from my tea-powered imaginings.

I’m also a huge a nerd, which means you will see my thoughts on my interests ranging from comics, anime, pop culture and beyond. Please join the discussion by leaving comments on my blog… Adventures Ahead!!!

Learn more about Tristan the Teddy Bear and the Cuddly Defenders in the Battle for Bedtime. (opens new window)

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