Sigmartyr – A Stikfas Webcomic

SigmartyrSigmartyr: They Shall Inherit
An Unofficial Stikfas Action Figure
Web Comic by Nick Davis

On a post apocalyptic world in the future the last remnents of civilization gather in ancient shelter cities protected by the B.A.D Troopers against the ravages of the Omega Coalition.

It wasn’t long before both sides have fought themselves to a stalemate, resources now stretched to a near breaking point and an uneasy peace has settled, it has been this way for the last ten years, but everything is about to change…

SigmartyrVol One – Sigmartyr: They Shall Inherit
Unofficial Action Figure Battle Graphic Novel – $6.99
Now available in print direct from Amazon, Volume One of Sigmartyr in a 42page Graphic Novel, featuring all the action from the first part of this ground breaking action figure web series in print form! Meet the Alpha Team and the Delta Scout as they recover the data from the downed Valkyrie flight had collected from the Forbidden zone. What is so important about the data? And why is Omega Commander Castle so determined to capture it for himself? Click the link to find out in the first Volume of the epic action figure story.

Note – Latest installment of Sigmartyr is the first image in the gallery. To read from the beginning click the last image in the gallery.


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